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  1. Professional Development Program (PDP)
  2. i-SAFE Subscriptions
  3. Curriculum Overview
  4. Activity/Resource Pages
  5. i-Buddy Zone
  6. Assessments
  7. Cooperative Agreement
  8. Dig Deeper
1. Professional Development Program (PDP) - Online or Offline
To teach the i-SAFE curriculum or train others, you must attend a PDP. The PDP is a training session where you will become an i-SAFE Certified Trainer. The certification process includes a comprehensive explanation of Internet safety concepts, a sneak peak at sample i-SAFE curricula for grades K-12, and detailed instruction on the steps to implement the i-SAFE Internet Safety Program and Community Outreach Campaign. All PDP attendees will receive regular program updates and one of the i-SAFE Newsletters (i-Parent Times, i-Educator Times, or Kewl Timez for students).

There are four ways to participate in an i-SAFE PDP:
  • Premier PDP
    • This version is hosted in your area by an i-SAFE Certified Trainer.
  • Premier Video PDP
    • This version of the PDP is in the form of a DVD. It is also hosted in your area by an i-SAFE Certified Trainer.
  • i-LEARN Online
    • This revolutionary development from i-SAFE brings the PDP to your fingertips. View all the online safety lessons on any computer with Internet access at your convenience.
  • Virtual Training Academy
    • i-SAFE's Virtual Training Academy is live, interactive online training for those who prefer attending sessions without leaving their classrooms, offices or homes.
To find a Premier PDP in your area, or to find out when the next VTA PDP event is scheduled, check out our Calendar of Events. If a Premier PDP is not in your area email us at to bring it to your neighborhood or simply go to for individual training with i-LEARN Online.

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2. i-SAFE Subscriptions
As of August, 2009, license and access to i-SAFE curriculum is by subscription only. That means, a district and/or school must purchase one of the three i-SAFE subscription packages for their educators to access, download and teach the i-SAFE curriculum in the classroom. Further, please understand that unless a school or district subscribes to either the new Gold, Silver or the E-Rate curriculum packages, individual teachers will NOT be able to purchase hard copies (paper form) of ANY curriculum materials.

E-Rate Compliance Package: Licenses and allows educators online access to ONLY 'E-Rate related curriculum' that contains videos and lessons consistent with the Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act of 2008.

Gold Subscription: Licenses and allows educators online access to all i-SAFE curriculum including 'E-Rate related curriculum' and a semi-annual metrics report.

Silver Subscription: Licenses and allows educators online access to all i-SAFE curriculum but not including the 'E-Rate related curriculum' and includes a semi-annual metrics report.

Share this information with your district administration and/or the individual or department that is responsible for the coordination of your curriculum implementation purchases and E-Rate funding.

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3. Curriculum Overview
i-SAFE America goes beyond simple Internet safety awareness found in other programs by featuring an innovative, interactive, student-centered curriculum for grades K-12. By integrating best practices in both teaching and learning, knowledge and skills are not only taught, but retained by students. Learn more about best practices.

All lessons are aligned with the National Educational Technology Standards for Students - The Next Generation (NETS) and comply with the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) act.

Additionally, the Curriculum has been correlated to national standards in: language arts; history; social studies; and health and safety.

In keeping with current theories about how children learn most effectively, the i-SAFE Curriculum provides a broad range of materials and formats, to meet a variety of teaching and learning needs.

i-SAFE curriculum meets the needs of:
  • Students of all grade levels (K-12)
  • Students with different learning styles, backgrounds, and experience levels
  • Educators with different teaching and technology skills
  • Different classroom environments (Examples: a computer lab, a classroom with one or more computer(s), or a classroom without computers)
Curriculum Topics:
  • Grades K-4
    Lesson topics presented by i-SAFE's character "i-Buddy." Each lesson provides young students with exposure to Internet concepts and vocabulary through engaging hands-on activities.
  • Grades 5-8
    Activities for grades 5-8 involve discussions and participatory activities, to foster discussion, cooperative learning, concept development, and opportunities for school and community outreach. Materials include lesson plans for Service Learning projects and activities.
  • Grades 9-12
    High School participatory activities and discussions revolve around topic-centered webcast videos materials as well as traditional lesson plan formats. Materials include lesson plans for Service Learning projects and activities.
View a PDF of the i-SAFE curriculum Scope.

Edureach ' Youth-Empowerment Activities
i-SAFE is the only comprehensive Internet safety program available that incorporates community outreach and youth empowerment in education-based materials and processes.

Incorporation of age-appropriate youth-empowerment activities into classroom curriculum for all ages provides a means for students to make a difference in the lives of others. They engage in captivating activities and projects to spread knowledge and understanding with their families and throughout their schools about the responsibilities of safe online travel.

Empowerment is about students taking ownership of what they have learned and using that knowledge to effect change. It is important to note that youth who participate in activities to share what they have learned about Internet safety are more likely to practice safe habits online.

Empowerment in grades 5 through 12 takes two forms throughout the lessons. The first level involves peer-to-peer interaction and empowerment. This level occurs in the natural course of the lessons and allows students to take ownership of what they are learning by participating in an activity with their peers.

The second level of empowerment comes in the form of an enrichment goal. Students are given the goal to accomplish upon completion of the lesson. This goal aligns with what they have learned and serves as a natural extension of the lesson. The goal of enrichment in the middle grades is to raise awareness; in the high-school grades, it's to effect change in the school and/or community.

4. Activity/Resource Pages
i-SAFE's activity/resource pages offer educators additional educational and fun resources to supplement the i-SAFE lessons, as well as helpful resources for teachers. You may simply download and print any of the worksheets or reference stories you are interested in and use as an expansion lesson, free time option, or even as a reward. There are a variety of activities for all grade levels, including word searches, crosswords, graphic organizers, and more. All worksheets and stories are available in PDF form.
Please login to your i-SAFE account to view the Activity Pages.

This area can only be accessed by Educators.

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5. i-Buddy Zone
i-Buddy is a character who educates students in Grades K-4 on Internet safety. He is their guide in hands-on interactive activities throughout each lesson. i-Buddy introduces young students to the abstract concept of an Internet community and teaches them the responsibilities and the dangers they may encounter in an age-appropriate manner. The online version of i-Buddy can be found in the i-Buddy Zone where he provides resources and activities. Designed especially for young students it includes the i-Buddy Times, music lyrics, and periodically updated online games.

Click here to visit the i-Buddy Zone.

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6. Assessments
The statistics you see referenced in i-SAFE material and on the i-SAFE Web site come directly from the i-SAFE National Assessment Center (NAC). Every school year, we survey more than 100,000 students about the Internet. We explore relationships with their parents and teachers in regard to Internet safety, and investigate topics like social networking, intellectual property, cyber predators, cyber bullying, and more. In a timely fashion, our research helps to identify and describe the ever-changing problems facing today's students on the Internet. The NAC assessment findings play an integral role in what we include in the i-SAFE curriculum and assist i-SAFE in continuing to spread awareness of Internet safety throughout the United States.

i-SAFE provides a robust infrastructure for schools to conduct pre- and post-assessments to students receiving the i-SAFE curriculum, as well as outcomes assessments to help ensure that i-SAFE training results in long-term behavioral changes to online safety habits. These student assessments are administered online. Participation helps to ensure that our assessment findings will accurately represent the students in your state. We thank you for your participation in advance.

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7. Cooperative Agreement
School districts and organizations signify their partnership with i-SAFE by completing a Cooperative Agreement. This outlines a mutual commitment to execute the program and raise Internet safety awareness. It reflects the mutual understanding for children, teens, parents, educators, and communities to be educated on responsibility and safety within the Internet's global environment. The agreement identifies the various general functions and tasks both sides will accomplish together. If you are interested in bringing the i-SAFE program to your school and community please contact us.

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8. Dig Deeper
i-SAFE keeps you, the educator, up to date on the newest Internet perils and challenges facing students today in Dig Deeper. We know new safety issues crop up everyday in Cyberspace. We also know educators have precious little time to scour the Internet for the latest threat. That's why i-SAFE has created "Dig Deeper," a series of articles (in an easily downloadable PDF format) that focus on a vital, timely topic important to educators and the teaching of Internet safety. Check this space regularly for new Dig Deeper articles. Click on the topic title to learn more.

Dig Deeper Articles: Dig Deeper Live!
Our popular Dig Deeper informative newsletters are now coming to you live via the Virtual Training Academy. Join the Virtual Training Academy to learn more about Internet safety topics, such as cyber bullying, acceptable-use policies, and social networking, in a format where you can ask questions, hear audio, and chat with participants around the globe.

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