Today's kids/teens enjoy and consume more music than any generation before. Yet the rapidly evolving nature of the online world makes it necessary for them to know what's legal and illegal when it comes to accessing digital media. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is partnering with i-SAFE to help students understand the complex issues surrounding copyright and intellectual property so they are empowered to discuss them with their friends and family -- conversations that are sure to result in smarter choices down the line.

Home Depot has joined forces with i-SAFE to raise awareness of dangers on the Internet and to inform people about how they can protect themselves and their families from being victimized by online predators. Through a generous donation for program materials, Home Depot has helped to expand the reach of i-SAFE's Youth Empowerment programs.
Microsoft Corporation and i-SAFE are partnering together to fulfill the joint goal of Internet safety and computer security around the world. We do this through innovation and inspiration. The revolutionary i-LEARN Online modules teach Internet safety issues and train educators, students (i-MENTOR Training Network), parents (i-PARENT Campaign), law enforcement (Operation i-SHIELD), and adults over the age of 50 (i-FIFTY+) to develop classroom strategies and/or participate in community awareness programs, which pass along their knowledge to others and ensure cyber safe families and communities. But that's not all. The Microsoft/i-SAFE partnership has taken Internet safety directly to students through annual Youth Summits for Online Safety. Here, students get a healthy mix of education and, through specially designed activities, are empowered to use what they learn to promote Internet safety concepts in exciting ways. Nowhere is the need for a safe online environment more important than with respect to children. The Microsoft/i-SAFE partnership helps make that happen in the United States and now in countries around the world.

Get Game Smart is a campaign led by Microsoft to provide parents with tools and resources -- such as tips from experts and fun family activities -- to help them manage their children's gaming and entertainment experiences. Click on or the logo for more.

Verizon is expanding its efforts to provide customers and employees with the tools they need to stay safe when using the Internet. The company has joined forces with i-SAFE in a campaign to educate and empower young people to be safe and responsible cyber citizens. The campaign was developed by i-SAFE and launched via a Web site, The Web site provides information about cyber predators, intellectual property, and other personal safety issues, and contains videos and other presentation materials for parents and other adults seeking training and tips on Internet safety.

Verizon Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Verizon Communications continues to work with i-SAFE to find new ways to deliver the message of cyber citizenship, as well as arming employees with information and materials they can use to help parents, educators, and youth spread the word throughout their communities. Through generous grants, Verizon Foundation has funded successful i-SAFE youth empowerment, teacher trainings and community outreach events in a growing list of states: Colorado, Massachusetts, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, and West Virginia.

IBM employees have a long history of volunteering in their communities, and through the IBM On Demand program, the company offers resources for its employees to use in their volunteer efforts. IBM turned to i-SAFE to acquire resources like PowerPoint presentations, statistics, and tips so its employees can go out in their communities and provide Internet safety presentations to parents, teachers, and community leaders. On Jan. 6, 2005, IBM and i-SAFE launched this new program.